About Us

About That F’ing Monkey
That F’ing Monkey is dedicated to Comics, Games, and Booze.  Started in May of 2010 we update every Monday through Saturday.  Brandon updates every Monday; Ken updates the rest of the week.  That F’ing Monkey is happy to bring you a daily diversion from your regular work day.

Ken O.
Ken O. founded That F’ing Monkey as a writing exercise that quickly spiraled out of control.  He lives near Orlando with his wife and son.  He is a lifelong Detroit Red Wings fan, has a room dedicated to the Flash, and tries to squeeze in some X-box every morning before going to work. 

Brandon K. was conscripted for writing duties by the site Overlord, Ken O. He lives near Baltimore all by his lonesome. His religion is Whedonism with heavy emphasis on the books of Firefly. He also follows the Tampa Bay Lightning and is really (most would say obsessively) starting to get into Judge Dredd.


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