Thursday, February 25, 2016

Harley Quinn Real Doll?

Even when I'm not buying anything, I'm always looking at comic shops pre-orders and new releases.  Last night I saw a pre-order for the life sized replica of Harley Quinn and I had to talk about it.  I skim over most things Harley because there is a lot of merchandise out there.  "Life sized" got my attention but what really got me looking at the listing was the word replica.  There are lots of life sized busts or even statues out there.  Replica was something different and instantly I felt it was something a little creepy. 

I wasn't wrong either.  This replica stands 5'11 and is made of foam rubber and latex.  The hair is a synthetic hair to make it more realistic.  Each replica is hand painted.  Harley is sculpted from digital files from Batman: Arkham City.  It's all a very impressive looking piece but all I can think about is someone is going to have sex with it.  Sure, I know that is my sick mind and not the product itself but I can't get around it.

If the real product looks at good as the pictures, it is pretty impressive.  If you're looking for a villain to outfit your Batcave this one is going to run you 1,200 dollars although you may find it slight cheaper at some online retailers.  But to all you wannabe Batmans out there, please don't fuck the Harly replica. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kung Fu Fortunes

I don't know much about the Kung Fu Panda franchise.  While I've heard the original was enjoyable, the only thing I've actually seen was a very charming Christmas special.  I was aware that a third movie was in theaters but I was still very surprised when I went to my local Chinese restaurant and wound up with Kung Fu Panda fortune cookies.

Such simple marketing and it was done perfectly.  A takeout order of shrimp fried rice is certainly a more appropriate tie-in than a cheese burger at one of the big chains.  It works because of how big a surprise it was too.  How often do you see anything different on takeout packaging.  Honestly it made me laugh.  In fact I said to my co-worker that I hoped my fortune would be something like blatant like, "Go see Kung Fu Panda 3, in theaters now!".  I didn't really expect that actual fortune to be movie related though.

Turns out it totally was!  Really there is only so much more I can write about a fortune cookie.  I thought the whole thing was a cute, unexpected promotion.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Joey Ryan Is Awesome

Joey Ryan is a professional wrestler best known to the general public as "the penis wrestler" due to a recent recording that went viral.  Whether wrestling as one half of the World's Cutest Tag Team or going out and stealing the show him, he is always entertaining.  He can seamlessly transition from serious to comedy wrestling.  The clip below is from a recent match against Joey's girlfriend Laura James at Finest City Wrestling in San Diego.  Even if you're not a wrestling fan you should watch it.

Congrats to Joey and Laura.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Party of One: Vic Frankenstein

Last month I wrote about how much I enjoyed Jeff Stormer’s podcast Party of One.  The show consists of quick one-shot RPG sessions starring a game master and a single player.  Some of these are very funny, others more exciting.  With a new player and story every episode the tone can change dramatically.  I’m talking about the podcast again because I got to record with Jeff and that episode is now available. That’s right, if you ever wanted to sit around a game table with me run over to Party of One’s Soundcloud page or look it up on Apple’s app store or Google play.

The game I got to play is called Atomic Highway.  It’s a perfect system to get that Mad Max style you may be interested in after watching Fury Road.  Our game took that formula and mixed in equal parts 50’s style Sci-Fi.  The basis of the game is I’m playing a literal Frankenstein’s monster who makes a living as a courier across the wasteland in his armored muscle car.  I’m in love with the character and the setting, so if you enjoy the episode you should let Jeff know how much you love Vic Frankenstein.

Here is the background I sent to Jeff when we were coming up with ideas for the game:

To protect itself the human mind is capable of ignoring those truths that would cause it shock and damage. Things that would demoralize the populace were trivialized and transformed into myth and legend. Yet even before the great disaster there were monsters roaming the Earth. The members of the Frankenstein bloodline had guarded Victor’s original work closely. Passed from generation to generation the burden caused most family members to hide themselves in the remote, hard to reach corners of the Earth. When the End Times came, Henry Frankenstein and his wife were already safe deep in a compound hidden in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Time passed and Elizabeth bore Henry a son. But times had changed and even a routine delivery was no longer as easy as it once had been. Elizabeth died not long after Victor was born.

Henry was a warm and caring father and did everything he could to make sure his son was protected. Young Victor grew up with a hunger for learning. He was a teenager when the raiders had found the Frankenstein compound. While he and his father had managed to fend off the attackers, Victor was struck with a bullet through the heart. The boy died almost instantly. Henry’s grief was unbearable; he had lost everything. Except he was a Frankenstein, he didn’t need to let fate dictate who lived and who died. The dead raiders provided more than enough material.

Vick was not Victor, the personality was different. The memories of the past were gone. Vick was less studious and wilder, but Henry loved him anyway. The two lived happily for many years until Henry’s age had finally caught up to him. Vick mourned his father but knew he couldn't hide from the world much longer. Sealing up the compound Vick loaded up his car. It was like him, an amalgam of the cars the raiders had attacked in. He headed out into the wasteland to sate his wanderlust, to finally see the world that was beyond the mountain peaks.

Party of One podcast can be found HERE.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kickstarter: World Wide Wrestling RPG Season 2

Kickstarter has had a lot of incredible campaigns in the past.  I don't have shelves filled Kickstarted goods, but I have backed my share of products.  One of my favorites was Nathan D. Paoletta's World Wide Wrestling RPG.  The game which involved both in ring action and backstage maneuvering was perfect for the person like me who writes sprawling backstories for created wrestlers in video games.  The game is easy to play, true to the source material, and obviously written with a lot of love.  Because of this I was thrilled to see that a second book is recently been added to Kickstarter.

World Wide Wrestling RPG: International Incident is adding more testicular fortitude to the main game.  As the name implies many of the new gimmicks will have an international flavor to them.  Lucha Libre wrestlers can now show those High Flyers how it's really done.  Japanese style Puroresu will teach those American audiences what "Strong Style" really means.  Besides the new gimmicks the game also introduces rules for growing your promotion, audience moves, mythic moments, off camera stroke, long term play, and additional tips on match flow.

I backed the project the moment I heard about it.  If you haven't picked up the original yet, there is even a pledge tier that includes both games.  Check out the Kickstarter by clicking HERE and check out Nathan's website by visiting

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game

After being leaked all over the internet last night, the new Lego Star Wars game has been officially announced.  The game will release on June 28th and I'm sure all of those places that take pre-orders already have their systems set up to do so.

At this point you should know what you're getting with Lego video games.  You either like them or can't stand them.  There is no doubt that some are better than others, the first Marvel one was probably the best one I had played.  It's nice to see Star Wars back in Lego form though, it's been awhile.


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