Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Science

A little while ago I posted the video for Kingswood Ohio. I mentioned that the video starred a number of Australian recording artists and that I was ignorant to who they were.  I dug around a little bit and checked out all of the video’s guest stars.  After watching a handful of videos, I had to show you Seth Sentry’s video for “Dear Science”.

I’m not a giant rap fan, but this was too funny to pass up.  What is even stranger is that I’m pretty indifferent to the Back to the Future series.  I know that is like nerd sacrilege.  They were okay movies but I don’t have the same kind of love for it that has popped up in the last few years.  Anyway, enjoy the Seth Sentry and keep hope alive for that hoverboard.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hangover Thursday: This Just In

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head?  I had a few bottles of Bass on Tuesday night, but I was so exhausted last night I couldn’t even look at a beer.  I know that’s a horrifying thought my internet friends but it really happened.  Regardless I came across some random beer news that I wanted to share.

One of the stranger stories I’ve seen in a while, a Vietnamese gang was counterfeiting Heineken and Tiger beer.  The gang was taking Heineken and Tiger and then mixing them with other, cheaper beer.  Once they had this new beer mixture they would sell it to restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.  It was reported that they were selling less than 50 crates a day, but that still sounds like a lot of beer to me.

Dogfish Head is making it’s return to Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island.  Back in 2011 the brewery cut back it’s distribution areas to keep up with the demand.  Now they’ve managed to expand their brewery enough to start shipping to those states again.  At the moment they are still looking for regional sales managers and things like that.  Expect Dogfish Head in those areas by the end of the year!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks, Stanley Cup Champions

Hey everyone, I won’t lie, work still has me pretty slammed but I really didn’t want to neglect the site any longer.  When the NHL came back from their lockout, I was a bitter man.  I really had lost almost all of my interest for my favorite sport.  As the season went out I slowly started warming back up to it.  During the last two weeks of the season I was fascinated with the game as I watched the ever changing playoff match ups changing. 

The playoffs started and I watched every game I could.  I was thrilled when the Red Wings took it all the way to game seven in Chicago. Sure I was disappointed they lost, but I’m already excited for next year.  Then the Stanley Cup Finals happened.  The Blackhawks and the Bruins played some of the most intense, amazing hockey ever.  Both teams should be extremely proud of their performance. 

I honestly can’t remember the last time I found the finals this exciting.  I’m happy for Chicago but I really wish we would have gotten a seventh game.  Next season brings big changes to the NHL and I can’t wait to see them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Janitors In Space

Hello. I am back. My extended absence of posting is over (for now). Why have you been gone for a month and a half, you ask? Or perhaps you did not even notice I was gone. Either way the short answer is that I have been making some changes in my life and the blog was kinda low priority. Also I was in Colorado Springs for much of May and June for work.

Anyway this post is not about me this time. It is about a great comedy series on Youtube. Space Janitors.

I am loving this show. It has a ton of references to Star Wars and other beloved Sci-Fi series. It has won a few Canadian comedy awards - for good reason. Every episode has at least one laugh out loud moment. Plus I highly enjoy the Squall Troopers. Right now they are in the middle of season 2 and are looking for some help with season 3. Check out the Indiegogo campaign and throw a few bucks at them. I would love to see the third season come to fruition.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Attack of the Real Life

This may come as a shock, but That F'ing Monkey doesn't pay the bills.  It would be awesome if it did, but as of right now I have to do other things to make money.  My real life job is going to be insane for the next couple of days.  Because of that I can't guarantee that there will be updates the rest of the week.  I will try my best to get some content up, but I will most likely miss most of the week.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Justice League Pool Floats

Yesterday we talked about all of the Flash merchandise that is currently at Target.  It isn’t surprising that there are a lot more items featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Today we’re looking at two of the coolest pool floats I’ve ever seen. 

The inflatable Batmobile is just incredible.  I personally know a number of people will be disappointed to hear that this is kid sized.  I’m confused that they went with a Batmobile when they could have gone with a Batboat.  Regardless it is an awesome looking pool float and it’s only 10 bucks.  Your kid can drive the Batmobile around your pool.  Hell yeah.

If you’d prefer your pool float to be based on Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, well Target can help with that.  There isn’t a lot I can say about this, other than I love it.  I love anytime the Invisible Jet makes an appearance so seeing this on store shelves really made me smile.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Flash Friday: Target’s Justice League

Happy Flash Friday everyone!  It seems DC Comics and Target have teamed up for some pretty spectacular summer merchandise.  That of course means there is a bunch of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman things on the shelves, but I was happy to see the Flash snuck in there too.  Today’s Flash Friday is aimed more at things for kids, but even if I didn’t have a one year old I probably would have bought one or two of the items we’re about to go over.

 First up is a Justice League shirt and a Flash towel!  I know the towel is exciting but look at the shirt for just one moment.  Flash got the spot right under Batman and Superman.  That’s pretty amazing.  Considering that the shirt only have four characters on it I was surprised that Flash was even included.  I don’t believe this offered in adult sizes, this one is sized for 18 months. 

The Flash towel is amazing.  It’s hooded and has cloth wings on the side of the hood.  The hood doesn’t come down far enough for them to add eye holes.  Be warned, this one is not made for adults.  I can fit my head inside the hood, but when wearing it the towel portion just barely made it all the way down my back.  This is something to wrap your kid up in after a day in the pool or something similar.  I may have bought more than one.

There is also a line of kids plates, sippy cups, placemats, and plastic tumblers.  Most of these things are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman themed.  Because I do have a child at home who could use divided plates I grabbed a Batman and Superman.  The Wonder Woman ones were already sold out at the Target I went to.  I bought the plastic tumbler because I wanted it for myself.

I didn’t just buy it because Target had it labeled as a Flash Tumbler.  Really I didn’t.  The black tumbler with the yellow lightning bolt looks cool.   Technically it looks more like a Black Adam glass.  Target also has a bunch of smaller items.  Things like stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.  All of these things are dominated by DC’s big 3, but I did see the Flash included in some of these packages.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hangover Thursday: Guinness Luxury Bar

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head?  I’m trying hard not to fall asleep at my desk after a night of Shadowrun followed by three overtime periods of amazing hockey.  Recently my mother in-law went to Scotland and Ireland.  She brought me back wonderful whisky and Guinness items; one of those items is the topic for today.  Seriously, this is awesome.

The Guinness Luxury Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar.   I was told about it before I saw it.  The package describes it as a chocolate bar with “a delicious caramel and Guinness flavoured centre”.  While I’m not a giant fan of chocolate I really enjoy both caramel and Guinness.  I’d had chocolate stout before, but never stout flavored chocolate.

It’s a fairly big chocolate bar divided into 12 squares.  It looks like any other chocolate bar with some kind of filling.  The only thing left to do is taste it at this point. So how is it?  After all this build up all I can say is that it’s okay. 

 The chocolate is good but the Guinness caramel doesn’t really taste like Guinness.  Instead it tastes like every liquor filled chocolate I’ve ever had.  Way more like whisky than Guinness.  That being said it isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I was hoping for.  Once I got around my expectations I did enjoy the chocolate bar, I probably wouldn’t buy another one though. I’m also still thankful that I was able to try one.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kingswood Ohio

The Australian band Kingswood have released one of the most incredible music videos I’ve ever seen in my life.  The video below is nine minutes long.  It could be ten times longer and I’d still watch it.  Seriously, if it was expanded into a full length movie I’d love it.  I’d try to explain it but it’s something you really have to see for yourself.

The video is also full of other Australian musicians.  I’m pretty behind one what is going on in the land down under though so all those cameos fall flat for me.  I think the video is amazing and is going to get the band’s name out there.  I don’t know how well it really showcases the music though.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The original Robocop movie has a special place in my heart.  There was a summer where I watched it almost every day.  I seriously wore out the VHS tape and had to get another one.  The mix of it being set in Detroit, the crazy violence, and Robocop himself were too much for a young Ken O. to resist.  As if that wasn’t enough there was the ED-209.  The Enforcement Droid 209 Series was just about one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.  I had an old toy one that would fire off caps, but I always wanted a more detailed ED-209 figure.

NECA apparently though the same because in September they are releasing a 10 inch ED-209 figure.  The figure is scaled to go along with their 7” Robocop.  The Robocop figure looks fantastic but I think everyone realizes that ED-209 is stealing the show here.  The big guy has an articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, poseable cannon arms, and a rocket launcher that pops out of his right arm.

The ED-209 also has sound effects and dialogue.  A press of the button gets you those iconic hydraulic sounds and that growl.  Whoever decided that a robot should growl is a genius.  It also says things like “Warning, throw down your weapon.  You have 15 seconds to comply.”  If you’re drooling over this figure like I am, it’s going to cost you around 70 dollars.  It’s an expensive figure, but it looks like it is going to be a quality piece.  Just try to keep him off the stairs.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Cake Fucker

A short post today, I just wanted to wish my co-writer here at That F'ing Monkey a happy birthday.  So if you haven't already filled his phone with messages between midnight and 4 in the morning like we did, wish him a happy one.

Hopefully he has a full day of wargaming and drinks ahead of him.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hillbilly Moon Explosion

When someone says rockabilly you might not immediately think about Zurich, Switzerland.  Which is a shame, because it’s the home of the band Hillbilly Moon Explosion.  The trio have been putting out some amazing music since 2000.  Getting physical CDs here is a little difficult and/or pricey, but luckily you can find their MP3s through most online stores.

The video above features Sparky from the band Demented Are Go.  I’ve been listening to the group for probably two weeks straight now and this is probably my favorite just because there is such an extreme contrast in the two singer’s voices.  Don’t stop at just this song though, check out more of what the Hillbilly Moon Explosion has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skyrim Legendary Edition

If you like large open world fantasy RPGs you have probably already played Skyrim.  You may have spent countless hours as the Dragonborn.  If you’re that person today’s news probably won’t do you much good.  If you’ve somehow resisted the game’s siren call you are in luck.  Today marks the release of the Legendary Edition of Skyrim. 

Legendary Edition includes the Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard DLCs that have come out in the past year.  You get all of that for 60 dollars.  If you’re not worried about playing all of the add-ons the release of the Legendary Edition should drive the original’s price down.   Even the used versions of Skyrim were keeping most of their value so now you can pick up the basic game cheap or get a deal on all the DLC.

I’m one of the people who somehow managed not to get pulled into the game the first time.  The Legendary Edition is making it really hard not to jump in.  When the game guide looks like a phone book you know the world has a lot to offer.  Skyrim Legendary Edition is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and on PC.  If you do pick this up on PC the community has thousands of mods just waiting for you.  Some of them are amazing and some will have you scrubbing your skin with bleach after you see them because it's the only way to feel clean after that.


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