Friday, June 14, 2013

Flash Friday: Target’s Justice League

Happy Flash Friday everyone!  It seems DC Comics and Target have teamed up for some pretty spectacular summer merchandise.  That of course means there is a bunch of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman things on the shelves, but I was happy to see the Flash snuck in there too.  Today’s Flash Friday is aimed more at things for kids, but even if I didn’t have a one year old I probably would have bought one or two of the items we’re about to go over.

 First up is a Justice League shirt and a Flash towel!  I know the towel is exciting but look at the shirt for just one moment.  Flash got the spot right under Batman and Superman.  That’s pretty amazing.  Considering that the shirt only have four characters on it I was surprised that Flash was even included.  I don’t believe this offered in adult sizes, this one is sized for 18 months. 

The Flash towel is amazing.  It’s hooded and has cloth wings on the side of the hood.  The hood doesn’t come down far enough for them to add eye holes.  Be warned, this one is not made for adults.  I can fit my head inside the hood, but when wearing it the towel portion just barely made it all the way down my back.  This is something to wrap your kid up in after a day in the pool or something similar.  I may have bought more than one.

There is also a line of kids plates, sippy cups, placemats, and plastic tumblers.  Most of these things are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman themed.  Because I do have a child at home who could use divided plates I grabbed a Batman and Superman.  The Wonder Woman ones were already sold out at the Target I went to.  I bought the plastic tumbler because I wanted it for myself.

I didn’t just buy it because Target had it labeled as a Flash Tumbler.  Really I didn’t.  The black tumbler with the yellow lightning bolt looks cool.   Technically it looks more like a Black Adam glass.  Target also has a bunch of smaller items.  Things like stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.  All of these things are dominated by DC’s big 3, but I did see the Flash included in some of these packages.

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