Saturday, June 15, 2013

Justice League Pool Floats

Yesterday we talked about all of the Flash merchandise that is currently at Target.  It isn’t surprising that there are a lot more items featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Today we’re looking at two of the coolest pool floats I’ve ever seen. 

The inflatable Batmobile is just incredible.  I personally know a number of people will be disappointed to hear that this is kid sized.  I’m confused that they went with a Batmobile when they could have gone with a Batboat.  Regardless it is an awesome looking pool float and it’s only 10 bucks.  Your kid can drive the Batmobile around your pool.  Hell yeah.

If you’d prefer your pool float to be based on Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, well Target can help with that.  There isn’t a lot I can say about this, other than I love it.  I love anytime the Invisible Jet makes an appearance so seeing this on store shelves really made me smile.

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