Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kung Fu Fortunes

I don't know much about the Kung Fu Panda franchise.  While I've heard the original was enjoyable, the only thing I've actually seen was a very charming Christmas special.  I was aware that a third movie was in theaters but I was still very surprised when I went to my local Chinese restaurant and wound up with Kung Fu Panda fortune cookies.

Such simple marketing and it was done perfectly.  A takeout order of shrimp fried rice is certainly a more appropriate tie-in than a cheese burger at one of the big chains.  It works because of how big a surprise it was too.  How often do you see anything different on takeout packaging.  Honestly it made me laugh.  In fact I said to my co-worker that I hoped my fortune would be something like blatant like, "Go see Kung Fu Panda 3, in theaters now!".  I didn't really expect that actual fortune to be movie related though.

Turns out it totally was!  Really there is only so much more I can write about a fortune cookie.  I thought the whole thing was a cute, unexpected promotion.

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