Thursday, February 25, 2016

Harley Quinn Real Doll?

Even when I'm not buying anything, I'm always looking at comic shops pre-orders and new releases.  Last night I saw a pre-order for the life sized replica of Harley Quinn and I had to talk about it.  I skim over most things Harley because there is a lot of merchandise out there.  "Life sized" got my attention but what really got me looking at the listing was the word replica.  There are lots of life sized busts or even statues out there.  Replica was something different and instantly I felt it was something a little creepy. 

I wasn't wrong either.  This replica stands 5'11 and is made of foam rubber and latex.  The hair is a synthetic hair to make it more realistic.  Each replica is hand painted.  Harley is sculpted from digital files from Batman: Arkham City.  It's all a very impressive looking piece but all I can think about is someone is going to have sex with it.  Sure, I know that is my sick mind and not the product itself but I can't get around it.

If the real product looks at good as the pictures, it is pretty impressive.  If you're looking for a villain to outfit your Batcave this one is going to run you 1,200 dollars although you may find it slight cheaper at some online retailers.  But to all you wannabe Batmans out there, please don't fuck the Harly replica. 

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  1. In reality it will cost you 1300. The fleshlight is not included...



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