Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Detroit Grooming

On a website dedicated to comics, games, and booze we don't usually spend a whole lot of time talking about hygiene or style.  I've been using some products lately that I felt deserved mention through.  Over the years on the site I've grown out a few playoff beards.  The one I'm rocking now was born more out of being too lazy to shave.  Somehow beards a big conversation starter for guys, because I've had a lot of people asking me questions.  The biggest is, "how do I keep my beard from itching?".  The simple answer is shampoo.  If you're willing to spend a little more time taking care of yourself I recommend you check out Detroit Grooming.

Detroit Grooming does offer shampoo just for your beard which works out great for me since I shave the rest of my head.  Lots of people don't think to shampoo their beard.  It's hair, it still needs to be clean. In addition to that they also offer beard oil.  Beard oil moisturizes the hair and the skin underneath.  It helps keep the beard soft and smelling nice.  I've been using the Corktown oil for three months now and it's made a noticeable difference in the look and feel of my beard. 

If you're looking for the opposite of growing beards Detroit Grooming has a large number of shaving goods.  They carry safety razors and straight razors.  I haven't gotten brave enough to shave my head with a safety razor, but that day may come.  It isn't just the razors though, they have all sorts of brushes, creams, gels, etc.  Check out Detroit Grooming.  If you've just been grabbing the cheapest thing you can find in the Target aisle the price will surprise you a little, but the extra quality is worth it.  There are a number of grooming kits that will get you started.

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