Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lego Brick Haul

I've been spending too much time on Bricklink.com.  If you haven't heard of the website before Bricklink does two things.  It is an resource for finding Lego parts.  Every piece and color variation are cataloged there and most of the pieces are accompanied by pictures.  It can be a huge help when planning build projects or when checking to see if certain part/color combinations even exist.  In addition to showing you the parts that are out there, you can also buy them.  The site allows users to set up their own resale shop.  The site makes it very easy to find who has the parts you're looking for and directs you right to their store.  It makes it way too easy to drop a bunch of money by filling up your cart.

The pictures included today are from my two latest Bricklink hauls.  It doesn't look too exciting now, but these are some pretty important parts for four different projects that I'm currently working on. Two of those projects will be complete enough that I feel comfortable showing them off this week.  They aren't 100% where I want them yet, I have to order a few parts for each display.  On top of that one of the hairpieces I had to use is completely wrong and the correct one won't be available until September. The other two projects need a lot more work.  I guess what I'm saying is expect a lot of Lego content over the next couple days/weeks.

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