Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Glove and Boots: Ten Alternate Ghostbusters

Glove and Boots is one of my favorite YouTube channels.  That says a lot considering I'm usually happier watching YouTube than I am watching actual television.  I could seriously update the blog here every time they upload a new video.  The most recent video is really in our wheelhouse though, because it is talking Ghostbusters.  Really it's talking about the fact that there are two new Ghostbuster movies being made; one with an all male cast and one with an all female cast.

Personally I think they should just re-release the original in theaters and call it a day.  I might own it on BluRay but I'd happily go see it in a theater again.  I'd also accept a passing of the torch movie with a mixed cast.  Why do they have to be all men or all women?  That part seems really strange to me.  Anyway check out Glove and Boots' ideas for alternate Ghostbuster movies.

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