Friday, September 11, 2015

Castle Crashers Remastered

A remastered version of Castle Crashers just came out on the Xbox One yesterday.  This was one of my favorite side scrolling beat-em ups on the 360 so I'm really happy to see that it is making the jump to the new console.  The even better news is that for a limited time the Remastered version is free to those who bought the original version on the 360.  There were some slight hiccups with the process early yesterday morning, but I was able to download it last night with no issues at all.

You won't have to lose your progress either!  Behemoth,, the creators of Castle Crashers, posted the image posted above.  The entire process was extremely fast and would have gone even quicker if I didn't have to track down where I had stored my 360 controllers.  The DLC carries over too, so if you added the extra characters like the King they will be available to play.

If you didn't pick up this wonderfully cartoony hack and slasher when it was first released it is still worth the full asking price.  It's a fun game solo but really shines in couch co-op.

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