Friday, October 18, 2013

Warren Zevon

Michael May has been killing it by counting Werewolves all October.  Really, make sure you check out his Adventureblog.  In his 31 days he hit on what I consider a pretty big one, Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London.”  It’s a fantastic song and it deserves to be a Halloween anthem but there is so much more to Zevon’s music than just the one song.  I actually wrote about the same topic way back in 2010 and have posted videos a couple of times.

Zevon has a 30 year music career and was awarded two Grammys posthumously for his album The Wind.  For me the music is one thing and don’t get me wrong the music itself is great but it’s his lyrics that really pull me in.  Most of his songs tell stories.  They might be about Werewolves, psychopathic killers, or hockey players.  If you listen close you can see the entire story play out in your head, it becomes more than just music. 

Zevon passed away in 2003 after fighting cancer far longer than his doctors said he would be able to.  He was an amazing artist.  Enjoy “Werewolves of London” this month, but check out more of his work; you won’t be disappointed.    

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