Thursday, January 2, 2014

X-Wing Unboxing

I’ve been talking a lot about the X-Wing game recently.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that I ended up with a pretty good starting fleet after Christmas.  I’m the guy with a full sized astromech droid in his computer room and an X-Wing tattooed on his arm, eventually I was going to cave and start playing this game.  Because playing games like this by yourself is boring I started looking for people to toss the dice around with me.  The first obstacle I ran into was people balking at the cost.

The X-Wing core box set runs 40 dollars.  Numerous Targets have had this marked down to clearance prices, but you can also find them online for less than 30 dollars.  As the pictures will show below, you get quite a bit for your money.  After the initial purchase you will want more ships.  Additional fighter cost around 15 apiece (again they can be found cheaper online).  There are larger ships available too; those come with larger price tags.  I really was more interested in dogfight aspect of the game and have stayed away from ships like the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. 

Inside the starter box are a quick start rule book, a full rule book, 4 sheets of counters that need to be punched out, dice, a range template, lots of cards, and three fighters.  Like most starter sets, you get a lot of the essentials.  If you can find it at a good price, I really recommend picking up two of the set.  That gives you a solid amount of dice, asteroid templates, and movement templates. 

The game comes with two different sized cards.  The pilot cards are standard sized player cards but the game also uses a much smaller card for upgrades and damage.  Through some trial and error I found out these cards are called “Mini American”.  That’s important if you want to put your cards into sleeves.  The set comes with 3 attack dice and 2 defense dice.  You can buy more dice separately, but again two starter sets will take better care of you.
I also wanted to show how much comes with the additional ships.  Besides getting a pre-painted model you also get a movement dial, upgrade cards, pilot cards, and any additional tokens you need for that fighter.  The model sculpts are pretty detailed and while I only have 11 ships to go by, the paint applications have been well done.  Considering other table top war-games sometimes sell single, unpainted figures for 20 plus, I think you get a pretty good value out of the additional fighters.
I think that is enough X-Wing talk for a few days.  Probably.

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