Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rose Tattoo EP

The Dropkick Murphys have always been very vocal about their love for Boston.  They were out on tour when the bombings in Boston happened.  Even though they were across the United States at the time the band quickly reacted to the news and began selling shirts to help with the relief.  The news channels might have moved on from the bombing’s aftermath, but the Dropkick’s haven’t.  They just released an EP on iTunes that contains three songs from the excellent album Signed and Sealed in Blood. 

You get three songs for 1.29 and 100% of that money is going to the Claddagh Fund to help those affected.  The first of the songs is Rose Tattoo with Bruce Springsteen.  The other two songs are acoustic recordings of a show they played in Vegas just after the bombings.  It’s a fantastic EP, it’s 3 songs for under 2 dollars, and it goes to a great cause.  I can’t recommend you go to iTunes and download it for yourself.   

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