Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank you Detroit Red Wings

And the rollercoaster ride is over.  Last night the Detroit Red Wings were eliminated from the NHL playoffs by the Chicago Blackhawks.  For a team that almost didn’t even qualify that is pretty impressive.  We have a lot of young talent on the team and it has been a long time since a Detroit fan could say that.  While I will watch the rest of the Cup games because they are great hockey, I’m excited to see how Detroit does next year.

The NHL are making this loss easier on me by making a completely bullshit call in last night’s game.  They disallowed a Chicago goal right before the end of the third period and the game went to overtime.  That goal should have ended the game.  A part of me is actually glad the Hawks won because I would feel horrible if the Red Wings were victorious after that call. I'm still going to spend the rest of the day grouchy though.

Chicago will go on to play the LA Kings.  The Bruins will be playing the Penguins.  

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