Saturday, November 13, 2010

Print On Demand DVDs

I had missed a very important announcement; you really should have told me people. I’m a little disappointed in all of you. In March of 09 Warner Brothers started making Print on Demand DVDs of those movies that they didn’t think would survive on store shelves. You can order them directly from them at

 What kind of movies?  How about Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze? They have a bunch of Gordon Scott Tarzan films. I don’t know if I need to own Richard Grieco in If Looks Could Kill, but some one might. For all those Aquafans out there, they have the Man from Atlantis with Patrick Duffy. Okay, I don’t really know how close that was to Aquaman besides the Atlantis connection, for some reason the name Patrick Duffy makes me laugh. If you really need to see Shaq as Steel, you could do that too. Oh and I can’t forget, Under the Rainbow. Seriously some crazy stuff.

Sure all that sounds good but what am I really excited for? Thundarr the Barbarian and the Pirates of Darkwater!! Both of them are now available. I’ve passed by the bootleg tables for years longingly looking at these. Ariel, Ookla, we ride! Pirates of Darkwater will be hard to watch knowing that we’ll never get to see an end to the series, but I still remember how blown away I was as a kid seeing it for the first time.

Last but definitely least; they have the long bootlegged Legends of the Super Heroes. Order that one at your own risk.

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