Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dragon*Con: Ed Kramer Out

 In April we posted about Ed Kramer and his ties with Dragon*Con.  You can read that update HERE, but the short version is that I no longer felt I could support the convention with my own money if it would benefit someone like Ed Kramer.  I certainly wasn’t alone, a lot of voices felt the same way.   Yesterday Dragon*Con updated their Facebook with the statement below.

Thanks to all of our fans, guests, and volunteers for your support!


Dragon Con will Continue the Agreements With Hotels, Guests and Performers.

 ATLANTA – July 8, 2013 – The Board of Directors and Shareholders of Dragon Con / ACE, Inc., producer of Dragon*Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy and sci-fi convention, have agreed to merge the company into Dragon Con, Inc. (Dragon Con) in a cash-out merger.

Led by Pat Henry, David Cody and Robert Dennis, ownership of Dragon Con includes five of the six founding owners of Dragon Con / ACE (the old Dragon Con). The effective date of the merger is July 8, 2013.

Edward Kramer, who has not had any role in managing or organizing the convention since 2000, was offered cash for his shares in the old company. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

 “This decision only affects the ownership of the old Dragon Con,” said Pat Henry, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dragon Con. “Our members and others who attend Dragon*Con 2013 will experience the same fantastic convention they have come to expect from us.”

Dragon Con will continue the agreements with each of the host and overflow hotels associated with the convention as well as all of the guests and performers scheduled to appear at this year’s event, either “as is” or with amendments recognizing Dragon Con as owner.

This is great news for everyone who has been following the story.  Maybe Kramer finally caved to the other Dragon*Con owners, maybe the backlash finally started to threaten their paychecks; I don’t know why or how it finally happened and I don’t care.  

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