Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Joel Carroll Draws My Favorite Things: Part 1

This week we’re doing something a little different here at That F’ing Monkey.  While looking through my things the other night I realized I’ve been sitting on some amazing art work from Joel Carroll.  I’m lucky enough that I live near Joel, so I get to see him at a lot of conventions.  Every day this week I’m going to showcase another piece I’ve had commissioned from him.  Some are personalized pieces he did in his sketchbook others are character designs, etc.  When you’re done here make sure to go to www.joelcarroll.com and check out even more of his work.

I’m cheating on the today’s entry; it’s a piece that has already been on That F’ing Monkey.  This is a page from my Brain Jar sketchbook and features Indiana Jones and Short Round.  In all seriousness I’m a huge fan of the Short Round character.  Before the Crystal Skull a lot of people gave Temple of Doom crap for being the worst of the Indiana Jones trilogy but I never saw it that way.  Keep your Sean Connery I’ll take Jonathan Ke Quan.  Anyway, Joel had done some sketch cards for an Indiana Jones card series.  When I saw the characters stylized like this, I knew I had to have one with Short Round. 

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