Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Joel Carroll Draws My Favorite Things: Part 2

This week we’re doing something a little different here at That F’ing Monkey.  While looking through my things the other night I realized I’ve been sitting on some amazing art work from Joel Carroll.  I’m lucky enough that I live near Joel, so I get to see him at a lot of conventions.  Every day this week I’m going to showcase another piece I’ve had commissioned from him.  Some are personalized pieces he did in his sketchbook others are character designs, etc.  When you’re done here make sure to go to and check out even more of his work.

Today’s piece was done inside Joel’s sketchbook ephemera.  The piece is of my favorite giant robot, GaoGaiGar.  I did a two part write up about the first episode of GaoGaiGar that can be found HERE and HERE.  The King of the Braves is made up of a robot lion, a drilling vehicle, a stealth bomber, and a bullet train.  If you think that sounds ridiculous and awesome you’d be correct. 

By the time it was finished, GaoGaiGar had a pretty large cast of robots.  One day I’d like to get Joel to do a larger piece with all of the GGG bots in it.  Since almost all of them combined with at least one other robot it’d be hard to choose if I wanted them as individuals or in their combined form. 

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