Sunday, February 5, 2012

The King of Braves is Born, Part Two

Yesterday we started our in depth look at The King of Brave GaoGaiGar’s very first episode. So far we’ve seen a baby in the mouth of a robot lion, jet powered rollerblades, underwater bases, and a robot made of garbage. At this point 3G has called in Guy to help them fight E1-02 and save the school children trapped aboard the boat that was absorbed into E1-02’s backside.

Much like the first entry, this is going to be long.

Two years before Guy was an astronaut who was injured when the first alien robot E1-01 appeared. He was saved by Galeon and was turned into a cyborg by his father using technology from the Galeon. Guy confronts E1-02 and attacks it with the twin drill unit known as DrillGao. While the drill doesn’t seem to do any damage, Guy is able to reach the children. Before he can save them though, he is thrown into the water and E1-02 turns into a train!

E1-02 rushes down a bridge and into the subway system, destroying cars it goes. Another train quickly catches up to E1-02, it’s Guy driving the 3G train LinerGao! Yes, 3G actually has a train. As the team believes that Galeon will be getting back up they approve “Fusion”. Once E1-2 reaches downtown he turns back into a robot and starts to destroy city hall. Galeon and Guy show up and perform the “Fusion” maneuver, which involves Galeon swallowing Guy and then turning into a robot named GaiGar. You read that right, to merge together Galeon swallows Guy.

GaiGar dodges the first attacks that E1-02 sends at it and then calls for StealthGao. StealthGao is a stealth jet that GaiGar can use as a jetpack. GaiGar uses StealthGao as a diversion and cuts the boat portion off of E1-02 to save the school kids. E1-02 continues to attack though, strangling GaiGar. Guy asks for Final Fusion, but it is untested and no one thinks it will work. The president of 3G Taiga doesn’t care he says, “The percentage means nothing. A courageous heart can make anything possible! Final Fusion-Approved!”

There is this great bureaucratic feel to the way 3G operates. Final Fusion is when GaiGar merges with StealthGao, DrillGao, and LinerGao to form GaoGaiGar. To perform Final Fusion Taiga must okay the act. Then Mikoto must enter the okay on her computer console and slam her fist down to break the glass over a secure button. This may be the best part. After each transformation they must replace the glass, because she breaks it in every episode. Other powers involve just as much build up, some even included Taiga to slide a security card through some kind of reader on his desk.

With Final Fusion approved GaiGar transforms into GaoGaiGar. The process has GaiGar spray out a smoke that conceals the background, ensuring that the same transformation sequence can be used in later episodes. GaoGaiGar faces off with E1-02. He uses his Protect Shade to defend himself against E1-02’s microwave blasts. His Broken Magnum (basically a Mazinger rocket punch) is able to break through E1-02’s barrier. Guy is informed that the barriers is down but it will be back soon, so GaoGaiGar uses it’s Heaven and Hell technique. He forces his hands together and rockets towards E1-02, punches through its body, and pulls out its core.

GaoGaiGar tries to destroy the core when Mamoru sees this and sprouts glowing fairy wings. I promise you that I’m not making this up. Mamoru flies down to GaoGaiGar and the episode ends! That’s right. Why doesn’t want Mamoru want the core destroyed? What’s up with the fairy wings? Those answers will have to wait for later. I just wanted to give you a taste of the craziness that is known as GaoGaiGar. If you enjoyed it, let me know and it may speed up how quickly we get to episode 2.

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