Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Predaking Returns

When Transformers first introduced figures that combined to make larger robots it was incredible.  I still remember my cousin getting Devastator and being in awe of it.  Seeing the constructicon’s success the Transformers quickly started releasing more combiners.  It was very formulaic; one bigger robot was the torso and the smaller ones created the arms and the legs.  That all changed with Predaking.

Predaking was made up of full sized Transformers, so he towered over the others combiners.  Sadly, he was also very expensive.  I was lucky enough to get three of the Predacons, so my Predaking was sadly without legs.  In my mind he just used the wings on his back to fly around and punch things. He didn't let the lack of legs keep him from wrecking face, because that's the kind of bot he was!  

A re-issue of Predaking is currently for pre-order over at Big Bad Toy Store.  120 dollars will get you Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Razorclaw, and Tantrum.  Sure 120 dollars is a lot, but considering you get five figures in the set it is a pretty fantastic deal.  Part of me wants to order it just so I can finally have a full version of this monster.

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