Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barnkickers Indiegogo

I first ran into the Barnkicker’s music back in 2010.  I have a tendency to invest a lot of myself in music.  The type of bands on That F’ing Monkey are scattered across all sorts of musical genres.  When I discovered the Barnkickers I quickly ordered their CD.  I devoured every track multiple times and went looking for more.  But that one CD was all there was.  I needed more.

Now there is a chance for more.  Amanda Boisen of the Barnkickers has started an Indiegogo fundraiser to help produce a new album.  The CD will be released under the name AmandaLynn but her father will still be accompanying her and he is the executive producer of the album.  As with all fundraisers there are tons of different donation levels and lots of neat things to purchase.  The 150 level taunts me in my dreams because I know I can’t afford it.  I’d love to have her father teach me how to play upright bass too, but I have a feeling that would probably take more than one lesson.  I’d probably need to actually own an upright bass too.

Anyway, the video above is Amanda explaining the fundraiser far better than I can.  You can also check out their website for more information.  And if anyone wants to buy the “Cover Band” option for me, the song I want is “I’m Going to Go Back There Someday” from the Muppet Movie.

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  1. Another great music find! Maybe you should change your tagline to "Comics, Games, Music, and Booze".



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