Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hangover Thursday: Dual Beer Glass

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head?  I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even had time to sneak off to the bar.  I do have a fridge full of beer that is going to be attacked this weekend so I can make up for it.  Today’s Hangover Thursday is all about mixing beers.  The Black and Tan is a classic but that isn’t the only time people mix beers.  It’s becoming more and more popular to have suggested mixed beer drinks on menus lately.   

Etsy seller PretentiousBeerGlass has taken the concept to a whole other level.  Their Dual Beer Glass is a thing of beauty.  I’m not joking either, the craftsmanship is pretty amazing.  The Dual Beer Glass has a glass divider in the center of the glass letting you add a different beer to each side.  Some beers combinations, like the Black and Tan, layer when poured.  Other combinations sort of mix but don’t seem to really even out.  This glass fixes that.

This is a handmade glass and PretentiousBeerGlass makes the note that because the process is so different from normal glasses that there is more variance in this glasses dimensions.  It is going to be anywhere between 5 and 6 inches tall and hold between 10 and 12 ounces.  The glasses run 35 dollars each or you can order a set of four for 125.  Check them out for yourself by clicking here.

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