Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tales from the Brain Jar, #25

I haven’t posted a Tales from the Brain Jar since last December, so this is overdue.  For those new to Tales, I’ve been collecting sketches involving brain jars since 2004.  Today’s Tales from the Brain Jar comes from 2010’s Star Wars Celebration V.  I remember being surprised that Star Wars artists were going to be attending and I was more than happy to bring my sketch book with me to the convention.

Today’s sketch is done by Katie Cook.  Katie is probably best known for her web comic Gronk.  She also wrote the incredible and illustrated the mini book, “Fuck You, Box”.  That book is a must read for anyone who has ever owned a cat.  She also writes the My Little Pony comic book.  So yes, Katie is just a whole box full of awesome. 

The sketch today is considered a “mini sketch” and is something Katie is known for doing at conventions.  It makes sense; artists can either do a few full sized pieces or a number of little ones.  This way anyone who wants a piece is able to get one and it’s affordable to most people.   Since we were at a Star Wars convention I opted for some Jawas, because I can totally see them stealing a brain if they could get away with it.  Because Jawas are so small anyway I think them being so tiny on the page actually adds to the piece.  Anyway, check out Katie’s webpage HERE and see more of her work for yourself.

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