Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Super Alloy Green Lantern

I wasn’t paying attention when DC started their Super Alloy line of figures.  I don’t think I can really be blamed though; it started with Superman and Batman.  When I’m looking at solicits I skim over the Batmans and Supermans pretty quickly these days.  It was when I saw pictures of the Super Alloy Green Lantern figure that I stopped and did a quadruple take.  It’s a seriously impressive looking figure with a seriously impressive looking price tag.

Approximately 12 inches tall this figure is 80% die cast material.  The paint is a mixture of glossy metallic paints, matte metallic paints, and polished metal with a protective covering.   The figure comes with five different sets of hands and has more than 25 points of articulation.  It also comes with clear green plastic armor that clips on over the figures.  The figure stand has an adjustable claw to help pose Green Lantern.  The figure has it all and it should, because it costs around 360 dollars. 

I almost forgot one of the coolest features of the figure, the LED lights.  There are LED lights in the figures eyes and chest emblem that are controlled by remote control.  There are also LED lights in the ring on the “fist hand” and in the accessory Lantern; neither of these are controlled by the remote control.  All fo the batteries are removable and the figure comes with a screwdriver to open the battery compartments. 

You know when the figure comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth that it’s pretty serious.  It’s a beautiful figure.  I like figures like these because if I was a Hal Jordan fan I could have this on display and know that I’d never really need to buy another figure of him.  Back when I was collecting Star Wars I’d by every X-Wing that came out.  Eventually I bought the very expensive Code 3 version and sold all the others.  I had that perfect piece I didn’t need any others.  I feel this is that piece for Jordan fans.


  1. Well shit...did I just lose 360 bucks? Good thing I have a credit card. You never have to pay them back...right?

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