Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playoff Beard-A-Thon!

The NHL Playoffs start tonight!  This year I’m not just growing my Playoff beard to show support to my favorite team, I’m hoping you’ll help me support the Detroit Red Wings Foundation in the Beard-A-Thon Challenge. The Red Wings Foundation supports the Red Wings School Assembly Program. What does all that mean?  The School Assembly Program visits elementary schools in Michigan. During the assembly they get introduced to hockey, encouraged to be active, and talk about exercise and healthy eating. After all that the teachers and students have a hockey shootout competition. The schools that participate get two full sets of floor hockey equipment from the Detroit Red Wings Foundation. That includes hockey sticks and goalie nets!

So I’m going to do all the itchy work and start growing out my beard. Actually I shaved all my facial hair off last week, something I haven’t done in a long time. I will still be shaving my head, but I won’t touch my beard. The rules say you can trim between rounds, but that seems to defeat the point of the whole thing. I’m going to be updating THIS site often with pictures, so you can check on the beard progress. If you go there now you see me with no facial hair, it's strange.  It looks like the minimum donation is 10 bucks, so even if you don't have money to spare check out the site and watch as I go from fresh faced youth to deranged mountain man!

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