Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kill All Monsters! Volume 1: Ruins of Paris

People who visit That F’ing Monkey often should be pretty familiar with Kill All Monsters! at this point.  It is the amazing web comic by Michael May and Jason Copland.  The Earth is over run by giant monsters and the only thing left to fight them is a group of men and women piloting giant robot battle suits.  Yes, it is a comic full of kaiju style battles and more. 

I consider Michael a friend, but it is not coloring my opinion on this book.  The story is full of that fun team dynamic. For some reason it reminds me of the adventure groups in a good table top RPG.  I can't fully explain why; it's something with the group dynamic.  Jason Copland’s art is beyond words.  The organic design of the beasts is offset by the mechanical battle suits.  His line work is so clean and precise that you’ll spend time just taking in all the details. 

Kill All Monsters! is in previews this April.  It’s located on Page 244, order number STK611039.  The first collection is 136 pages of black and white monster fighting awesome.  This isn’t a Marvel or DC book, your shop isn’t going to fill the shelves with this book.  Please consider pre-ordering Kill All Monsters!  It’ll ensure you get a fantastic book and it will help its creators make more!

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  1. Thanks SO much, Ken! Shoot me an email if you'd like to review the whole thing and I can hook you up with a PDF version.



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