Saturday, March 2, 2013

Necromunda Enforcers

Today I’m sharing more of my work in progress hobby madness.  Just to recap what happened; last year I was very disciplined.  At the most I would have two different projects going at once and for the most part I would be completely finished with one project before I started the next.  I am all over the place this year.  In the last two weeks I’ve shown you an unpainted tank, a half built tank, and a five man scout squad that needed to be based, primed, and painted.  You would think that would be enough. 

My local Games Workshop store has declared Sundays to be Specialist Game Sunday.  You see Games Workshop is famous for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K but they have put out other miniature games.  These games don’t get updated anymore, but are still a lot of fun to play and you can still buy the figures from the Games Workshop website.  The game pictured above is Necromunda.  Necromunda is a game full of gangs trying to gain land in power in the underhive.

Considering The Warriors is probably my favorite movie ever made you would think I’d have made a gang consisting of guys in vests or guys in baseball uniforms.  Instead I went with the police.  The picture above is missing one figure, but you can see I have most of them assembled, based, and primed.  These are old metal figures.  Most of today’s stuff is either plastic or resin.  I don’t miss working with metal one bit.  On figures that are all one piece it isn’t a problem.  These Enforcers were an utter pain to put together.  On the shotgun and bolt gun guys their arms end at the wrist.  The gun itself has their hands molded onto them.  Lining up both hands with the wrist stumps was a painful process.  Thankfully the building process is finishing and they just needed painted now.

You would think that would be enough.  There may be one more Games Workshop project in progress.

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