Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That F’ing Monkey Ranks 92

 I remember my first time I visited New Orleans.  I was in the Air Force at the time and feeling pretty full of myself.  One of the pan handlers walked up to me and challenged me to riddle in exchange for a few dollars.  In my youthful hubris, I was sure this homeless person couldn’t outsmart me.  And just like that I was out five dollars.  It wasn’t all for naught though, knowledge of that hustle helped me save Brandon a couple bucks a few years later in Atlanta.  So what does all this have to do with today’s topic and why does That F’ing Monkey rank at 92?

Last month I received an email saying that someone wanted to use That F’ing Monkey in an infographic about the top comic blogs to follow in 2013.  The internet is full of some pretty cool looking infographics and we’ve even reposted a number of the alcohol related ones.  My “Flash Field Guides” even ended up on a few different websites.  I envisioned this stylish picture with lots of crazy facts everywhere.  Deep down I knew we aren’t the first place you’re looking for comic news.  We don’t get the press releases from Marvel and DC.  Instead we talk about the things we love.  Things you might have missed. 

When the infographic appeared in my inbox my heart sank.  It was as exactly as advertised, a list of comic websites with That F’ing Monkey listed on it.  Instead of a stylish image with a handful of websites on it, it was 100 website headers crammed together on a super long image.  The fault is all mine, I didn’t ask questions.  I agreed almost instantly.  I couldn’t help but think I had been swindled just like I was back on the streets of New Orleans.  I am a man of my word though, and I’m running the monster image.  Because I’m not destroying the flow of my front page you’ll have to click the break to see it.

You can also see the image by going to Coupon Audit’s website by clicking HERE.  Coupon Audit was nice enough to supply me with some coding to link back to the image, but as a rule I don’t put anyone else’s code on the website.  There is a chance me doing things this way may burn bridges, but I have to do what feels right for the site and the people who take time out of their own lives to come and read what we put out there.


  1. Did the guy in New Orleans tell you where you got your shoes? 'Cause that's how I got took when I was there.

  2. Hahaha. That's exactly how he got me!

  3. Awe, dog balls! Sorry, man. I hope this, too, can be a useful lesson some time in the future.



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