Friday, March 1, 2013


As Clarence Boddicker once said, “Ooooh.  Guns, guns guns.  C’mon Sal.  The Tigers are playing…tonight.  I never miss a game.”  Guns are a very important part to a number of my favorite movies.  And everyone knows the famous ones.  Sure Bond has the Walther PPK and Dirty Harry has his Smith & Wesson Model 29, but what happens when you want to know what gun Terry Crews uses in the Expendables? 

Enter the IMFDB.  The Internet Movie Firearms Database might be the coolest website I’ve seen in a long time.  Pick a movie, television show, anime, or video game and it will tell you about all of the guns that are used in that property.  Decide you really like one gun and want to see everything it has been used in?  You can do that too.

It has crazy amounts of information too.  So say you look up one of my favorite guns, the AA-12.  The IMFDB will give you where it was made, what years it was produced, who makes it, it’s caliber, cartridge type, weight, length, barrel length, rate of fire, range, and feed system.  Once the hardcore gun statistics are there it lists the films, TV shows, and video games it’s been used in. 

If you like guns, you can seriously spend a lot of time clicking around the IMFDB.

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