Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pixies Bagboy

The Pixies reunited and started touring back in 2004.  They released a new song “Bam Thwok” and contributed a song to the Warren Zevon tribute album.  As they continued to play their fans wondered if there was a new Pixies album in the works.  In interviews Frank Black stated that it was Kim Deal who was against recording a new album.  Deal announced leaving the band back in June of this year.  Two weeks later the band released the song “Bagboy” as a free song on their website. 

In July the band announced that Kim Shattuck, the guitarist and vocalist of The Muffs will be replacing Kim Deal on the Pixies current European tour.  There hasn’t been any confirmation on if a new album is in the works or not, but if Kim Deal was the only holdout one has to think we’ll be seeing some sort of announcement soon.  Until then, enjoy "Bagboy" and remember that you can go to the Pixies homepage to download the song for free.


  1. Good stuff. Too bad the most recent album available on Spotify is from 1991. Still worth a listen.

  2. Well 91 was the last time they released an album of original material. After that it was all live recordings,best ofs, etc.



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