Monday, August 5, 2013

Resolutions Update

And just like that the year is well more than half over. At the beginning of the year I laid down some "Nerd Resolutions". Looking back over that list, I see that I have accomplished very little. Perhaps I should have resolved to post more this year...of course that also would not have happened.

So lets take a look at my list so far this year, shall we?

1) Getting my Eldar fully painted - Nope, not even close. I wish I could use the excuse of the new codex coming out a few months ago, but I can't even do that. I am not even sure that I have put a brush to any Eldar yet. Wow, way to start off on a positive note.

2) Catching up on The Walking Dead *comics and show - Well I finished the first season of the show. Started on the second and have not read a single back issue. To be honest on this one, the show is only okay to me. It does not really have me hooked. As for the comics, perhaps I need to go back and start over. I remember highly enjoying those first two trades.

3) Work through that video game back log - I think I may have played some Dragon Age at the beginning of the year. That's about it. I have never been a huge video game player, and nothing is really capturing my imagination as of late. The ol' Xbox is mainly just a movie and TV distribution unit at this point.

4) Find an IPA that I actually enjoy - Sure did! Well, it is a bit of a cheat though as it is a mixed brew. At a company called Duclaw they make a fractional IPA called "Oz". They also make a fantastic porter called "Bad Moon". Mix those together and you have "The Dark Side Of Oz". It aint bad.

There ya go 1 out of 4 in eight months, and that 1 is kind of a cop-out. 
It's been a hell of a year.


  1. Last time I said 3 things. Read my comic backlog, finish my Heavy Bolter Dev squad, and finish my Rhino.

    I finished the comics, but now I have a new backlog to read. I finished my Dev squade. My Rhino is no where near finished.

    At this point I need to get back to work on my Blood Bowl dugouts. I just primed my muscians, so I should be getting some paint on them soon.

  2. I accomplished 1 out of three of my resolutions (watching all of Doctor Who) and only managed to add to my backlog of reading. My trivia goal is laughable. I clearly don't know anything that's useful during a trivia game.

    Best of luck in the back half of the year!

  3. Tracey did you watch all of Dr. Who or just all the episodes since the Eccleston re-launch?

  4. I watched all the episodes of the relaunch. It will take forever to watch all the episodes of the original run. 18 seasons daunting.



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