Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hangover Thursday: Drunken Monkey Style

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? In the past week I’ve had a number of great drinks. For Christmas dinner I had a bottle of Southern Tier’s Krampus. At another party we drank a large amount of hot Dr. Pepper, poured into a cup of lemon and rum. It was during the later drink that we discovered the video below. The video is from the BBC and is actually 3 years old. It was new to me this weekend, so hopefully it is new to you too.

I hate the beach. Sunshine, salty air, and tropical heat are not my idea of a good time. But now I find myself planning an island vacation. Not really, but I could probably watch monkeys stealing people’s drinks all day long.


  1. No matter how many times I watch that I still crack up! It's all about that one at the end...

  2. I won't admit how many times I've watched this. The monkey who actually carries the glass away also makes me laugh every time.



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