Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kickstarter: Pariah, Missouri

I don’t think it was surprise anyone that reads That F’ing Monkey that I love westerns. There is a reason I keep a working Colt Navy revolver on my book shelf. Yesterday I received an email about a Kickstarter project that I was immediately excited about. It’s a supernatural/western comic book called Pariah, Missouri. I was excited before I even saw the art.

The Kickstarter sets up the story like this:
1857. Pariah, Missouri is a riverboat boom-town and a haven for the unscrupulous. The charismatic Hy Buchanan works undercover as a foppish cheat, and creates a rag-tag team to ferret out evil, both the corruption of man and the supernatural. His first challenge is the arrival of a duo of thespians, whose intentions are not to entertain.

Pariah, Missouri was created by Andres Salazar with art by Jose Pescador. The art is flat out gorgeous. Me talking about this isn’t enough though. Go to the Kickstarter. There is a 20 page preview pdf that you can download. I honestly don’t know how anyone could read that and not want to see more. I want to see more. I’m sorry I can’t pledge at the higher levels, because I want to see this project succeed so bad it hurts.


  1. Hey thanks for the article! I'm here, so ask me any questions! - Andres

  2. Oooh, that artwork is gorgeous, I'll have to check that out!

  3. thanks Angie.

    We just got funded, so we are stoked!

  4. Andres, congrats on hitting 2,000! With so much time left I can't wait to see which of the stretch goals you reach.



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