Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Introducing Carlos Cabaleiro

This is one of the things I’ve been working on for awhile but with all the site hiccups it didn’t start until now.  I don’t art well.  I’ll skip all the self-deprecating jokes and just acknowledge that as a fact.  I do happen to know Carlos Cabaleiro who can art.  Now because I like to do things like pay my bills, feed my family, and other things like that I can’t hire someone full time to art for me.  Trust me, I sometimes day dream of that.  I’d be all like, “You!  Draw me Modok jumping rope!”  And then someone would ask if it was single or double Dutch.  Of course that should have been obvious by the way I asked the question so I’d have to yell and throw things at people’s heads.  Someone would cry, I'd apologize even though everyone involved knew I didn't mean it.  But eventually after my request I’d have art of Modok jumping rope.  Holy shit that went off the rails.

So anyway.  Once a week in addition to the day’s topic it will include art by Carlos.  At the bottom of that article will link to a ebay auction for the piece of art in question.  That way if you like the art we used that day, you can own it.  I get art.  You get art.  Carlos gets monies.  I think it works out well for everyone but I wanted to be completely transparent with what was happening and why.  As an example of things to come the image above can be found on ebay by clicking HERE.  We'll try to keep the images tied into what is going on that week.  If everyone is excited about Avengers, that's probably what picture is going up. 

Carlos is the artist for a creator owned comic A BULLET FOR YOU with writer R. Thomas Favino and the penciller/inker for CLOUDWRANGLER COMICS' MAJOR HOLMES and CAPTAIN WATSON.  Carlos is regular contributor for the top trading card companies: Topps (Star Wars), Upper Deck (Marvel) and Cryptozoic Entertainment (DC). His artwork has been featured on sets for Rittenhouse Archives, Breygent Marketing, and Pastime Cards.  He also has a website, www.carloscabaleiro.com.

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