Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Megatron for Christmas

I honestly don’t know why I’m on Hallmark’s mailing list, but I am.  Yesterday I received an email talking about this year’s Christmas ornaments.  I realize it’s probably a huge portion of their yearly profit but holy fuck I wonder how early they announce these things.  Regardless of how premature it might have been, I still clicked on the link to see what pop culture icons were turned into little plastic things to hang on trees that somehow celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus.  There is of course Disney out the ying yang and that means Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.  But that wasn’t all, there was also Megatron.

And I mean real Megatron.  He’s not a tank.  He’s not whatever the fuck that thing in the movies is.  It’s gun trigger for a dick, honest to god Megatron!  The ornament is clearly based on the original toy and looks fantastic.  He won’t be on sale until July and is priced at 14.95.  That means he won’t have any crazy light or sound effects, but this is Megatron; he didn’t need those anyway.  My favorite thing is you can see just how early the 2015 ornament entries are.  The product description is clearly copied over from last year’s Optimus Prime ornament.  

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