Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Scary Comic Adaptions

Well now that the MDA telethon has run its course and I have some time to sit and write, here is my top five Comic Adaptions That would Scare Me as promised. This was a bit of a thinker for me, as Ken said a few of my favorites have already been made or being made. So let's jump right into the fun with number 5.

5. DaredevilYes this is kind of a cheat as there has already been a painful Ben Affleck movie and I promise this will be the only one with a film already (Dr. Doom is too far gone at this point). I will concede that the directors cut of the film was slightly more tolerable. That being said there is a rumor floating around that they are going to "re-boot" DD in order for Fox to retain the rights. That really scares me. What has me worried is that ol' Matt will played by one of these androgynous "actors" that seem to be coming up in the Hollywood ranks. People like whats-his-name that is cast as Peter Parker in that upcoming "re-boot" of Spider-Man or that other kid that you have never heard of, but 13 year old girls go crazy over. Of course that really frightens me for all the characters on this list.

4. Moon Knight
Yep that's right most of my favorite Marvel characters are the street level heroes. They are also some of the more difficult to translate to a big blockbuster flick. With Moon Knight it could be an amazing movie with a crazy protagonist that may or may not talk to his God Khonshu. It has the potential to be in the vein of
Fight Club with the psychosis of the main character being played out in a super interesting way. What would most likely happen though is it would be played for laughs and the great character moments would be lost in the shuffle of the action and adventure. Plus one of my personal favorite moments would never be included - when Moon Knight is watching the Punisher jack some mobsters up in an alley and Khonshu tells Knight that Frank wears his god proudly on his chest - due to the Punisher being stuck with another studio.

3. The Avengers
Now what scares me about this flick is less the casting and more the story and director. Yep I said it Joss Whedon directing scares me. Now don't get me wrong I am a Whedon fanboy, I think that Firefly was one of the greatest shows ever made and I loves me some Angel (in a totally platonic way, unless of course he wanted to watch a Leafs game). The problem is I am scared which of the beloved characters is going to be killed off at the end. Say what you will about Joss, the man loves killing people that you are invested in. And until I see the first trailer I am going to leave the story alone (for now). Also that damn 3-D crap needs to go the way of the dodo.

2. Hal Jordan
You know that this had to be on here. I still don't see Ryan Reynolds as Hal. Wally West sure, Wade Wilson - the man was born to play, but Hal? Yeah I don't see it. I really hope to be proven wrong.

1. Booster Gold
I am a huge fan of the new direction that DC has taken Booster Gold in the last few years. Now instead of just being a screw-up that was defined by his friendship with the Blue Beetle, he is a screw-up on purpose. He has been moved from the role of comic relief and bolstered up to "The Greatest Hero You Have Never Heard Of!". He patrols the time scape and makes sure no one is mucking about with history. In order to do that our boy Gold has to continue to act like a putz in the eyes of everyone he knows (and know him). What scares me about him in a movie would be if the film makers ignore that concept and just toss him and the Beetle in a JLA flick for laughs and other than that just be a wink and nudge to comics fans. At this point he is a much deeper character than that and is consistently a great read in the funny pages every month.

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  1. Ha! I'm totally surprised by your number 1, but it makes perfect since.



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