Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sharktopus won’t be kept at bay!

I admit it; I have strange taste in movies. I’d rather sit and watch a Santo movie the most the things at the theaters right now. I like the old Elvis movies although 90% of them barely had any plot besides rebellious race car driver hits on hot girl. But today is a special day. Tonight at 9 is the SyFy (God I hate that name) Channel debut of Sharktopus!!

That’s right; I love a low budget monster movie. Give me a Gatoroid or Megapython over another Saw clone any day of the week. After all the hype died around Snakes on a Plane, I still loved it. I own it on DVD. Monsters are fantastic and a giant shark crossed with an octopus is just so outrageous it must be seen. But there is even more, check it out after the jump.

So obviously Sharktopus is a must see. Not only can it grab you with tentacles, it can use them to walk. The shot where it is climbing on the boat is one of the most absurd things I’ve seen in awhile and I love every minute of it. My DVR is already set and the fridge is already stocked with snacks. But, I’m not just excited for the great/bad movie.

For months now I’ve been listening to the Cheetah Whores theme song for the movie. It is so fun I find myself singing it at odd times and just smiling away. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the attached Youtube video. The song is available on ITunes for a dollar!! That my friend is a dollar well spent.

There’s a creep show creature with a double feature
A freakish best want flesh to feast
A twisted fish eats surfers as a side dish
When you see the frenzied feeding, you will be the next bleeding

Sharktopus won’t be kept at bay
And you can never ever get away
So swim on over, don’t ya scream and shout
He’ll getcha baby without a doubt
Come on

There’s a red sky this mourning so sailors take warning
Ride the wave of terror if you dare
Fear runs deep when theres souls to reap
When the tentacles do tangle you will be in a strangle

Chorus x2

There’s an evil down beneath with razor sharp teeth
In the water lightly tread or you will be dead
Fear run deep when there’s souls to reap
There is a calamity comin’ and from the beach you will be running

Chorus x3

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