Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tales from the Brain Jar, #6

Tales from Brain Jar returns! Last week was the fantastic Goon piece from Dragon Con. This week my sketch book traveled all the way to Detroit and the Motor City Comic Con. While I have been to the aforementioned convention I wasn’t there when this sketch was done. Brandon had actually gone up to Detroit and was kind enough to get me two sketches while he was there; the first of which we’ll see today and the next one possibly next week. All this thinking of Detroit makes me miss it…and National Coney Island, but lets move on before this turns into a blog about chili cheese dogs.

It is David Petersen’s Mouse Guard! Well, they aren’t wearing cloaks, so I doubt the little guys in this sketch are members of the guard. They sure are cute though. And it captures the universal rule of moving heavy objects; one person does all the work while the other gives all the orders.

In my other Brain Jar posts I go into character history and such, but I’ve already gone into detail about how awesome Mouse Guard is in an earlier post, here. So I won’t repeat myself here. Sadly the Mouse Guard RPG game I got invited to is on a break, but if it ever starts back up I’ll make sure to share my thoughts on it.

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