Monday, October 15, 2012

Games Workshop Nerdvana

I have been in Maryland for about a month now and for the past few Saturdays I have been spending most of the day in the Bowie Battlebunker. The Battlebunker is a Games Workshop store that has a huge gaming area along with the normal sales area. The tables are amazing with tons of terrain and objectives to fight over. There is also a couple of hobby bars where you can sit and put models together and paint. All that creativity is slowly shaming me into getting my army fully painted. Some day...

There is also a bunch of display cases scattered around with some great looking mini's.

So far I have not won a game under the Battlebunker roof. My Eldar have lost both on the ground and in space (they also play lot of specialist games, like Battlefleet Gothic). However it is a blast hanging out with the people and staff, even if they all cheat to make me look bad. 

So if you are in the Bowie, MD area swing by and I will throw some dice with ya and grab a brew after. Also Ken keeps threatening to put a bounty on my head....

Wanna game? Don't care at all about little army men? Let Your F'ing Voice Be Heard! On our Facebook, in the comments, or the Contact Us tab up at the top of the page.

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