Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tales from the Brain Jar, #23

It’s back; it’s Tales from the Brain Jar! If you’re unfamiliar with Tales from the Brain Jar, I’ve been collecting convention sketches since 2004. I thought the middle of October was a perfect opportunity to show off another brain floating in a jar. Today’s sketch was done back at the 2009 Megacon by Joel Carroll. I’ve talked about Joel on the site before when he launched his Topaz web comic. I feel pretty lucky that I live near Joel, so I get to see him and his artwork on a pretty regular basis.

Joel’s artwork shows up all over the place. You’ve probably seen it on Project Rooftop or on Comic’s Alliance. At the time I had this sketch done Joel had just finished a bunch of sketch cards for a series of Indiana Jones cards. When I saw the cute, cartoon style he had done them in I knew I needed one. And then, here is where I’m strange. I needed it to include Short Round. I love Short Round. I’m still mad that we never got a movie with a grown up Short Round taking over for Indy. If I had my way, that would have been the fourth movie. Anyway, check out Joel’s site for even more of his incredible artwork.

I have a handful of other Joel sketches not in my sketchbook that I really need to share at some point. Shark monsters, giant robots, super heroes, and Star Wars; seriously he’s drawn all my favorite things for me.

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