Monday, October 8, 2012

I Hath Returned To The Mortal Realm!

Look who's back! That's right, folks - your friendly neighborhood Cake Fucker! It has been about 2 months since you have gotten to read my inane postings, but you can relax as regular scheduled posts have now returned. "Where have you been O' lover of pastries?" I can hear you say. Well I have been relocating the satellite office of That F'ing Monkey from West Texas to Maryland. Yep I am finally back in civilization! No more "secede now!" bumper stickers, truck nuts, and listening to "don't mess with Texas!" every ten minutes.

That seems like a great idea...
 So you can expect me to be back every week from here on out, with my own brand of nonsense and Nerd Rage. Be sure to tune in next Monday for a look at my second home as of late...The Bowie Battlebunker. Also make sure that you are following the amazing new webcomic done by our CEO, The Ballad of Kid Largo updating on Wednesdays. As always Let Your F'ing Voice Be Heard in the comments, our Facebook page, or the Contact Us Tab! I shall leave you with my favorite "Gunganm Style" video because this is the internet and no site is complete without one...

Enjoy and see ya next week!

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