Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There is something wonderful about discovering a good web comic. You’re filled with excitement as a new world unfolds around you. I get wrapped up into stories pretty easily; I guess that is why I have so many bookshelves. So when I find a book, comic, or webcomic I really enjoy I like to point it out to my friends. Which brings us to Topaz.

Topaz is a new web comic by Joel Carroll. As of this blog post it is only on page 5, so you’re getting in on the ground floor here. In a couple years you can act all snooty and tell people, “of course I know about Topaz, I’ve been reading it from the start.” Then they feel all insecure and probably cry but you’ll feel better about yourself because you are an ass. Uh….sorry; got a little carried away there. Never mind all that.

There isn’t a lot to Topaz yet; even the strips themselves are pretty light on dialogue. And then you take a better look at the composition of it. You pay more attention to the graphic design of the computer readouts and such. It’s understated but the design work is beautiful. I’m a sucker for Joel’s artwork anyway, but this is impressive stuff it you really take a look at it.

Topaz isn’t alone in the universe either. It is part of a web comics portal called Space Dock 7. They aren’t connected story wise; it is just an easy site to remember to find seven wonderful comics. So go check out Topaz and then start checking out all the others hanging out at the Space Dock. I’d be willing to bet you find more then one new comic that you’ll fall in love with.

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