Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack

I don’t buy my friends Christmas gifts anymore. When written like that I know it sounds pretty cold. Instead of gift buying I host an All Swine’s Day party. For those readers new to the site; the first Sunday of January I invite my friends over for bacon-shell breakfast tacos and Ever-beer. I love it because the holidays get crazier every year and a lot of times I don’t get to see my friends during them. Another thing we’ve started doing during All Swine’s Day is playing Cards Against Humanity.

I’ve been championing the Cards Against Humanity game since their first set went on sale. It’s a simple game. One player lays down a black card. That card has a question on it. The rest of the players then play a white card that has an answer on it. The player with the funniest answer is the winner of the round. It’s a simple enough game concept. Now imagine that every one of those cards is offensive, perverse, or demented. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.

Since Cards Against Humanity’s release there have been two full expansions. Yesterday they announced their newest release, a 30 card Holiday pack. The best thing about it, is they’ve made it a gift. You can choose how much you pay for these additions to your game. Their website states it takes them 1 dollar to print and 2 dollars to ship, but again, you pay whatever you want. Get your Holiday Pack by clicking HERE, just don’t be a dick when picking your own price.


  1. What better way to say, "Welcome to the world, baby Christmas Jesus!"

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