Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drop That Puck

It finally happened, the Hockey Strike is ending. Everything is still tentative but it looks like January 19th will be the start of a 48 game season. I’ve been complaining since the start of the lockout but now that it is over I’m feeling…nothing. I want to see great hockey, I want to see my favorite team make another run for the cup, but something about the strike has killed my excitement.

I’ve called myself a hypocrite before, so it is very possible that as we move into the playoffs I’ll be a rabid hockey fan again. It could still be an exciting season. We’ve already lost the All-Star game and the Winter Classic though. At this point I rather spend 3 hours on Xbox then to even bother watching a game right now. Prove me wrong NHL. Win us fans back. Please.


  1. Agreed! I don't often get to watch the games but I love it when I can. This year has rather lost me too.

  2. Yeah...I was rather underwhelmed by the news, too.



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