Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hangover Thursday: All Swine’s Day Explained

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? It’s been a few days since New Year ’s Eve so hopefully everyone has fully recovered by now. Today I want to talk about what is quickly becoming my favorite holiday, All Swine’s Day. All Swine’s Day was created three years ago on this very site. So what is it? When is it? What do you do to celebrate it?

All Swine’s Day takes place on the first Sunday of the New Year, so this year we’ll be celebrating on the 6th. The day is important, because it is after all the other holiday shenanigans. As I got older, I found myself obligated to more and more family functions during the holidays. It was great to see that much of my family, but I was missing out on celebrating with my friends. That’s why All Swines is so important to me. I know I’m going to get to spend the day with those friends that are so close that I think of them as family.

I think the Swine came about because I was thinking that the day could be one last pig out before everyone returned to their post-holiday diets, etc. That somehow led to me making bacon taco shells for breakfast tacos. In addition to the taco shells we cook up scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, and a mixture of ham, sausage, and bacon. Everyone eats too much, we drink a bit, and we play offensive card games. I honestly can’t think of many better ways to spend the day.

Really I encourage everyone to celebrate it. You don’t need fancy bacon weaves, just surround yourself with some of your favorite people and enjoy yourself. And if you can make something awesome out of bacon, it just makes the day better.

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  1. Yay! Thank you for letting me celebrate with you! Also, my colon still hurts.



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