Saturday, January 5, 2013

You Can Help Peter David

This has been posted on most of the larger comic book sites, but it’s important so it is getting posted here too. Writer Peter David recently suffered a stroke while on vacation down in Florida. All of the details and the most recent information can be found at Obviously it is an extremely stressful time for his family and the biggest question from his friends and fans are what can we do to help.

That information can be found right HERE. This short version is that this is the time to buy his books. I know a lot of people know Peter’s work for things like the Hulk and X-Factor but he has a number of novels too. Every one of his books that is purchased right now is going to be a big help to his family. You get to help someone in need and you get an excellent new book to read. Again, please click HERE and check out the recommended books.

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