Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hangover Thursday: Florida Beer Battles

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head?  That F’ing Monkey has been very, very careful to stay away from politics.  It’s something I’m pretty happy about.  My political views have no place in articles talking about comics and kid’s toys.  Sometimes when talking beer we have to talk about the legality of things, today we’re talking about growlers.

Growlers are very important to small breweries and brewpubs.  All they are is reusable bottles that are filled at the tap.  So imagine you’ve found this great restaurant and they make their own beer.  The food’s great, the beer is better, and you want to take some beer home with you.  It’s the only way to take home a beer that is only available in kegs.  Currently in Florida you can by a 32 ounce beer growler.  The standard size for the rest of the country is 64 ounces, that’s right Florida is the only state in the US that can’t sell the 64 ounce size.

It seems like an easy law to pass, but it has failed before.  Beer distributors have their own lobbyists and they don’t want the competition.  You won’t see it part in the attacks of course.  Those speaking against the larger growlers will hide the real reason behind safety arguments.  This is a bill that can really help those smaller craft breweries and brew pubs, it’s a good thing.  In something that’s almost unheard of these days the bill is being sponsored by both a Democrat and a Republican.  Hopefully with all that support Floridians will be enjoying 64 ounce growlers soon.

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