Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warhammer 40K Scouts

A week ago I mentioned how I had somehow gone from being a disciplined model builder to juggling multiple hobby projects at once.  I shared pictures of my two work in progress tanks but I also alluded to two other projects I had going.  Today we’re going to look at one of those projects, my Space Marine Scout Snipers.

The picture above is the stock photo for the set.  You get five scouts that can all be set up with sniper rifles or you can give one a missile launcher.  You can see they have cloaks and night vision goggles to look very sniper-y.  I wanted to use a group of scouts in my army, but I really disliked the heads.  I’m not a fan of Space Marines who don’t wear their helmets anyway, but these guys didn’t even come with helmets.  I knew if I wanted to use them I’d have to do something different.

Thankfully the Dark Angel veteran sets come with these great hooded helmets.  Now in Warhammer 40K fiction Scouts haven’t earned the right to use power armor yet.  I figure that since I haven’t changed the body of the figures that it still almost fits the established fiction.  They biggest challenge is those heads did not fit the torsos.  Each of those figures took about an hour to carve enough out of the back and shoulders for the hooded head to fit. The hoods and the cloaks end up looking like they are all one piece, which is what I was hoping for.

I’m way happy with the way they came out.  Of course I still need to paint them, but just getting them all assembled is a move in the right direction.  You’d think that would be enough hobby projects, but I have one more group of Games Workshop models I’m working on.  We’ll probably take a look at them next week.

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