Friday, February 15, 2013

Tank Shock

This week I’ve been spending a bit of time at my hobby table.  Last year I showed incredible discipline with my progress.  Most times I only had one new product at a time.  I would assemble, paint, and finish that project before moving onto the next one.  Even when I had multiple boxes, I would keep that second box out of sight to not get overwhelmed by how much work was ahead of me.  I’ve lost that focus, my hobby table currently holds four different projects in various stages of completion.

The one I’m most excited about is my Predator Infernus.  The Infernus is a tank from Forgeworld a specialized company that makes rulebooks and models for Warhammer.  Because you have to order them from England you’re going to pay a little bit more, but some of the sculpting is amazing.  Their vehicle kits usually use one of the Games Workshop vehicles as a base and then come with resin pieces to change the look.  In the picture above the light grey is all resin, the dark grey is plastic.

I’ve still got quite a few pieces to clean and assemble.  The bits are all on paper towel in this picture because I had to wash them.  I know that sounds strange, but to release the resin from the molds they are hit with a substance that makes paint not stick correctly.  A quick bath in some soapy water is enough to fix the issue.  Because the tank can be built with different armaments there are actually more pieces than I’ll be using.

I’d feel pretty good with my progress if I didn’t already have a fully assembled tank that I needed to finish painting.  This is my Whirlwind.  It uses the same plastic base that the Infernus did.  The only resin on it is the dragon doors and the missile turret.  Both the doors and turret are also from Forgeworld.  Because the main body of the tank can also be used as a troop transport, the inside of this one is already painted.  Now I just have to paint the outside.  These are the two vehicle projects I’m in the middle of, next week we’ll probably take a look at the troop related projects I have going.

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